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110 Million Americans sit at a desk for 7+ hours a day.
are you one of them

We are too! But the Casper Board is an absolute game changer. Our boards promise movements to get your more active with all the health benefits


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Going from working in a sedentary desk environment to flowing on a Casper  boards deck is like hopping off the couch and training for a race: you want to ease into it. Your Casper Boards deck can be used in two different ways: Sitting Down or Standing Up. Use your deck frequently while sitting in order to get accustomed to using your deck and to increase your movement throughout the day.

When getting accustomed to use of your deck while standing we recommend beginning with the 70:20:10 approach.

70: Spend 70% of your day working as you were before (either sitting or standing)

20: Stand on your deck 20% of your day.

10: Use the remaining 10% to engage in real-life movement and exercise.