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MILLIONS of Americans sit
at a desk for 7+ hours a day.

We are too! But the Casper Board is an absolute game changer. Our boards promote
movement to get you more active regardless if you are sitting or standing...

Health Experts Say...


I highly recommend the Casper Board to anyone who sits for long
periods of time each day. 

-Mike Ochoa, Doctor of Physical Therapy


Casper Boards is embracing the fast-paced, multi-tasking world
we live in. 

-Cameron Klein, Certified Fitness Trainer


By being physically active instead of sitting and resting, you will actually help prevent fatigue and maintain alertness.

-Edward Laskowski, M.D. Mayo Clinic

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Our Story

I created the Casper Board to introduce movement back into the workday. Whether you sit or stand at work, you can now be more active throughout the day. By changing the way you work, you can improve the way you live. It’s my hope that the Casper Board will start impacting your life in positive ways, from promoting a more active lifestyle outside of work to inspiring your co-workers to engage in a more active work life.

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